The Best Positions For Mind-Blowing Sex In 2019, According To Your Zodiac Sign


It’s a year of progress for Rats—but only if you learn how to work (and play) nice with others. So when it comes to sex, throttle back on your legendary stubbornness and remember that making love is a journey, not a competition to see who comes first or who’s right about the best sex moves. Why not try it their way for once?

The good news is that you really have your sex mojo working this year. Always charming, quick-witted and energetic, this year, you’ll turn plenty of heads—so get out and socialise if you want to meet someone new. If you want to turn a fleeting encounter into something special, you still need to put in effort when it comes to your appearance and attitude. After all, Rats can be a little bit too outspoken sometimes.

If you’re already settled into a special relationship, make an effort to spend time together. Rats treat flirting as a sport, but remember to show your partner how much you care about them.

If you like a glass of wine before making love, be aware Rats tolerance for alcohol is lower in the Year of the Pig. (It’s a star/planets alignment thing.) This makes you prone to dehydration, exhaustion and emotional conflict if you’re not in the right frame of mind. So try a walk outside to connect with your special someone instead of heading to a wine bar, as nature puts you in a relaxed mood this year.

Eco Orgasm


If you’re no fan of alfresco love (which is illegal in Singapore, anyway) you can just do this move on the bed and face out the window to look at the trees.

But if you are say, overseas on holiday and in the woods, you can go eco-sexy (make sure it’s not illegal in that country either). He lies on the ground (on grass or soft sand, obviously), you face away from him, move your clothes to the side, and sit down on his erection. He can lie down and gaze at the sky, or prop his head up on a tree and enjoy the view of your rear in action.



You’re flying through the air, powered by super thrusts of sex energy! (We just had to get that out.) Anyway, you bend over a desk or table, and he enters you from behind. Once inside you, he lifts your hips up slowly until your feet are off the ground.

He holds you as he moves in and out. You’ll probably slide all over the table and he needs gym-toned legs to pull this move off—but all that can make for an adrenaline rush. Just keep enough of your body on the table so you don’t fall off if he pulls out too much.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Compatible With Rats

Rats can be over-anxious, so they love the determined and trustworthy Ox. Rats enjoy the flamboyance of the Dragon, and can manage their more over-the-top moves with a witty joke.

Monkeys and Rats are both quick-witted and curious—when they’re in bed, there’s nothing they won’t try, from sex toys to complicated sex positions that take IKEA-level instructions to figure out which bit goes where.

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