The Best Positions For Mind-Blowing Sex In 2019, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Protective, brave and imaginative, Tigers in the Chinese Horoscope system are seen as benevolent protectors. And because they’re emotional and imaginative, Tigers are often great musicians, singers or artists.

Because Tigers are adventurous and energetic, they can be exciting lovers, although they can be hard to control at times—when they want something they leap right at it. And if it’s a bit risky? Even better. They just want to try it more. They’re among the first to try a new sex toy or a new sex position.

Male Tigers aren’t afraid of expressing themselves and they can be aggressive in work—and a little over-confident in love. To really connect in bed, Tigers need to open up and reveal their vulnerabilities.

Female Tigers are born social media influencers: stylish, daring and expressive, they make any fashion trend their own. If you’re a female Tiger you can be as cute and cuddly as a kitten—but you keep your claws sharp. You’re open to new suggestions, in and out of bed, but you don’t let anyone push you around too much.

Standing Shower Sex


Wet floors = risky. And that’s just how Tigers like it. Just remember you need a lot of lube as water washes away your own natural lubrication (ironic, right?).

For easier access, it helps to prop your foot up on the edge of the bathtub or a non-slip stool. Then when he starts thrusting, hold onto towel racks, shower doors—or whatever’s around.

But it not be the best idea to just support yourself using the slippery walls because his penis might not be the only thing that’s slipping.

Sexy Starfish


This positions not for everyone because the penetration goes really deep. But it’s imaginative, for sure. He kneels and you put your legs on his shoulders. Once he’s inside, he lies down slowly until you’re almost folded in half. He can also reach around your back and pull you tighter against him.

It’s not a great move if you’ve just eaten… but if you want “ravage me Tiger” intimacy, this’ll do it.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Compatible With Tigers

Tigers and Pigs are a mutual appreciation society. Although their personalities are very different, they’re both willing to do what it takes to make their relationship work.

Sexy Horses attract a Tiger’s attention and they respect and support each other’s endless energy. Tigers tend to be hard on themselves (and others) but honest Dogs bring out their caring and gentle side—they’ll fight for this love.

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