The Best Positions For Mind-Blowing Sex In 2019, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Rabbits are kind and thoughtful—and your sometimes dreamy personality hides a quiet confidence and strength. You know you are moving towards your goals, rising above any negativity around you.

Rabbits are great team players: you notice the details other people would have missed, and you socialise well. But you can find it hard to open up or confront others. At times, you find it easier to escape into dreams or hobbies like graphic design, interior decor, gardening or drawing—basically, anything that allows you to be beautifully creative in a solo way.

Rabbits tend to be very polite and careful about things like paying bills on time—but that does not mean you’re not adventurous. You need surprises every so often to spice things up—and that includes bedroom shenanigans.

If you love someone, you put everything into the relationship. But the deeper you go, the more hurt you can get—and this sometimes makes you hesitate to reveal your deepest sexual desires, in case they don’t go over well.

Women born in the Rabbit year are thoughtful and tactful. You hate arguments and a lovers’ tiff can leave you feeling upset for days. You need reassurance—and lots of it—and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Men born in the Rabbit year often have great, slightly old-fashioned manners—they’re the kind of guys who open doors and text you if they’re running late. Because they try to avoid conflict, they may seem to be a yes-man—but they actually have firm views on what is right and wrong, and they stay true to their views.

His Body Is Your Wonderland


Women-on-top positions can be great for Rabbit women because you can subtly control the speed, angle and intensity without saying a word.

It’s easier to keep a rhythm that’s working for you, and you (and him) also have easy access to your vulva and clitoris—which is good because most women need direct clitorial stimulation to orgasm. To take this position over-the-top, try moving your body forward and back, and left to right, and notice differences in sensations.

Alternatively, lean forward and prop yourself up on your arms almost like you are in a missionary position. This eases the strain—and sends a subtle hint to your partner that he can get moving as well.

Ice Cream Churn


It’s no secret guys can be really sensitive about the size of their penis. The good news is that this position makes every guy feel huge. Instead of in-and-out pumping (which is better for the guy than you) he uses his hip rotation to grind and twist inside of you, pressing his penis as hard as he can against your clitoris.

To increase the friction, try lifting your legs onto his shoulders, or prop your hips on a pillow to find an angle that works for both of you.

Chinese Horoscope Signs That Are Most Compatible With Rabbits

Dogs and Rabbits both relish a peaceful life and a well-ordered home. They’re the kind of couple you’d see tending their succulent plants together. Rabbits enjoy taking care of the people they love, and Pigs and Goats blossom under this attention—and pay it back with loyalty and gestures of love.

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