The Best Positions For Mind-Blowing Sex In 2019, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Dragon men and women are hard workers, responsible and honest. They’re often very socially conscious and will throw their energies into helping other people.

Money comes fairly easily to Dragons, but ironically, they’re not that materialistic. Instead of possessions, they’re driven to explore and shape the world. They want respect far more than money. At times, they can be egocentric, but they genuinely do achieve so much that they have a right to be proud of themselves!

Adventurous and entrepreneurial, a Dragon’s life can revolve around work or a globally important cause –and their partners have to be willing to support this incredible drive. It can take a while for Dragons to settle down and marry because they have so much to do first! But when they do find someone special who “gets” them, they’re all in.

The Grinder


This is possibly the ideal woman-on-top position for Dragon girls. You get all the friction and grind of a Reverse Cowgirl position sans the leg cramps because you wrap your legs around one of his legs for support.

You can move freely or grind your clitoris on his leg, or both of you can thrust—and he gets an extra fine view of your butt in motion.

Press Back


This is a great position if he tends to cross the finish line before you’ve even warmed up. Lie on your back, with a pillow under your butt, and put your feet on his chest, so you can push back and slow him down when his panting gives you a clue he’s close to coming.

In this position, you can use your hands to stimulate your breasts or clitoris. If he wants to show off his gym-toned legs, you can also do this position with him standing and you lying on a table—your call.

Chinese Horoscope Signs That Are Compatible With Dragons

Romantic Roosters look up to the Dragon and provide genuine love and support during the trials of life. Monkeys and Dragons are both creative and innovative—although Dragons can find the Monkey’s playful side a little irritating at times.

If you go head-to head with a Dragon it will be an explosion, but Snakes and Rats cleverly use humour and persuasion to subtly get the Dragon to do what they want.

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