The Best Positions For Mind-Blowing Sex In 2019, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Snakes would make good superheroes, because when things get chaotic, Snakes stay calm, make plans and follow them without relying on others’ input. Plus they often have a great sense of humour and can defuse even the most awkward situation with a clever joke!

Snakes are deep- thinkers, complex and patient. Their careful way of talking hides an observant mind. Snakes are sophisticated conversationalists, they know how to woo you with words, and they’re not very interested in gossip—they’d rather discuss the problems of the world.

Men and women born in the Snake year are mysterious, sophisticated—and they dress really well. No wonder they turn heads. But because Snakes take a very long time to trust, they can be jealous and petty if they feel they’re not getting enough attention from their lover. On the plus side, they’re genuinely romantic—if you love getting creative gifts and romantic texts, date a Snake.

Snakes work hard and set high standards for themselves and their friends. Their little secret is that although they act as if material things don’t matter, they actually love to be surrounded by wealth and pretty things. Their great fashion sense is the clue!

Touch Sensitive Scream


Snakes are persuasive and patient, which is why they’ll love this position, which is a slow, steady and very persuasive climb to orgasm. Ask your lover to move a well-lubricated finger in excruciatingly slow circles around your clitoris, then level up with more intense rubbing, with a curved finger inside.

Every so often, your partner slides a finger (or penis?) inside while you continue rubbing yourself. It’s a show for him and an amazing orgasm for you.

The O Gift


Snakes know just how to give the right gift… so here’s a gift for them. Warm massage oil in your hands and give them a body massage with benefits.

Take your time and experiment with different sensations all over their body—gentle light touches, deep strokes, tickling—and then put a pillow under their hips, so their pelvis tilts up. Use a vibrator or your fingers to finish them off.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Most Compatible With Snake

The Monkey is quick and the Snake is slow… so their relationship balances out. Plus the Snake’s sense of humour delights that quick Monkey’s mind.

Snakes are fascinated by the Rooster’s smarts, good taste and kindness. Snakes and Oxen also get on well—the Snake adds warmth and romance to the relationship and they appreciate the trustworthy honesty of the Ox.

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