9 Best Places in Singapore For Delicious Wood-Fired Pizzas


If you love truffle, Alt. Pizza’s Truffle Shuffle is a must-try!

Although the famous flatbread typically divides food lovers into two camps – thin or thick crust – the comfort that a hot piping pizza can bring us is something that everyone seems to agree on. Even better if these doughy creations are baked in a wood-fired brick oven, as this brings out a smoky, crispy, bubbly, charred texture that just can’t be compared to a pie cooked in a normal oven. Everyone knows a perfectly executed wood-fired pizza is tantamount to edible art.

If you want to share the pizza love, call on your family members and BFFs to devour these wood-fired pizzas that make the choice between the thin or thick crust a hard pick (oh why bother arguing, just get both). Here are our picks of the nine best places where you can get wood-fired pizzas in Singapore.

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