girl pushing a small trolley
Go down on your knees and hands when you play games with your toddler.
  1. Pots, Pans And Wooden Spoons Too
    Make everyday things playful. For example, when you’re preparing dinner, prop her into her high chair, give her some pots, pans and a wooden spoon, and let her “cook” along.
  2. Fill And Pour
    Every kid loves this classic game. Hand her anything you can find in the house – blocks, shapes, buckets, and even your colander, and she’ll be kept busy for hours. This’ll introduce her to shapes, textures and colours.
  3. Play Treasure Hunt
    She may not be able to utter any words, but you’ll be amazed at her ability to respond to what you’re saying. Practice listening and responding with her with games like “Treasure Hunt” and “Hide-And-Seek”. Ask her questions like “Is this funny?”, and pause as if you’re expecting her to answer even though you know she probably won’t.
  4. Make Café-Style Coffee
    Just a little bucket of water is enough to make your little one happy. All you need is some water, soap foam and sand to make “coffee for Daddy”.


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