Are Ku Hye Sun & Ahn Jae Hyun Over? Here’s How To Prevent A Divorce From Getting Ugly

It’s not been a good year for Korean celebrity couples. After just three years of marriage, South Korean actress Ku Hye Sun revealed that her husband and fellow actor Ahn Jae Hyun is seeking a divorce. The shock announcement was done on the actress’s own Instagram page where she posted a cryptic handwritten note that reads, “I love you, Ku Hye Sun. I love you, Ku Hye Sun.”

In the actress’s own words, she reveals that Jae Hyun “has had a change of heart and wants to get a divorce”, although she wants to preserve the marriage.

Screenshot from Ku Hye Sun’s Instagram

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In another since-deleted post, she shares screenshots of text messages between them that suggest the actor had decided to inform the media first instead of meeting her mother in person (presumably to apologise for breaking his marriage vows).

In the text exchange, she writes: “Meet her in person and apologise… for the fact that you weren’t able to keep your promises from when we got married. Why is work important. If you say work is more important than my mom, then I really won’t hold back.”

Hye Sun also reveals that her mother, who is not in the best of health, is in shock at the news.  The posts have now been deleted. Their agency HB Entertainment has since released an official statement, and this is what we know about their divorce proceeding thus far:

1. Hye Sun has appointed a lawyer and drafted a divorce agreement. 
2. She wishes to file for divorce in August and complete the process by September. 
3. The divorce was based on “mutual agreement after serious conversations” between the pair. 

An alleged official statement from Hye Sun was also released via their agency, where Hye Sun writes, “We have loved each other and been happy. However, we have also learned that there is a gap between us, and we wished to end things on happier terms before that distance widened, and we thought it would be best to walk our separate paths.”

However, Hye Sun then shared that it was made without her knowledge. What a mess this has become!


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The 34-year-old Boys Over Flowers actress met Jae Hyun on the drama Blood in 2015, and the pair dated for one year before registering their marriage on May 21, 2016 at the Gangnam district office. In 2017, they also starred in Newlywed Diary, a reality TV series that showcases the couple’s married life.

In a split, the worst thing that can happen, of course, is a long and bitter divorce proceeding that nobody wants. Such cases can place undue burden on both parties’ emotional health, and especially so if children are involved (thankfully, not in the case of Hye Sun and Jae Hyun).


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How to make a divorce less painful?

If you or someone you know has taken the difficult step in deciding to end their marriage, there are ways to help make it as painless a proceeding as possible.

In Singapore, divorce is usually a two-stage process, comprising the divorce stage (where one has to prove that the marriage is broken down beyond repair), and the ancillary matters stage, where parties deal with care arrangements for the children (if any), division of the matrimonial home and assets, spousal maintenance, maintenance for children (where applicable), etc.

Michelle Woodworth, Director at Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC, shares tips on how to have as smooth and painless a divorce as possible: