The Cheapest Ways To Get Your US Online Shopping Delivered

Save money on your Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday US online shopping with these forwarding services

With the festive season approaching, it’s good to start preparing early! But if you’re looking forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday (America’s biggest, most extravagant shopping holidays where you’ll be guaranteed to find crazy deals and savings from a variety of brands and store), a huge downside are the expensive shipping fees between the US and Singapore.

By choosing the right forwarding service, you can save money shipping your items from the US to Singapore. Here’s a rundown of four popular forwarding services that can help you buy directly from the States.


But First, What Is A Forwarding Service?

Most Singaporeans use a forwarding service when they shop at US retailers who do not ship to Singapore.

If you are buying from a store that only accepts US credit cards as a payment method, forwarders offer a concierge service that can pay on your behalf. When buying from different websites, you can also save money on shipping by consolidating your purchases into one package.

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How A Forwarding Service Can Save You Money

Repacking is a common practice in which the forwarder repackages your item to reduce its volumetric weight – which also lowers shipping charges.

However, some items, such as fragile or gift-wrapped items, will not be repacked. If you buy multiple items over a period of time, take note that you can sharply reduce your freight costs by opting for consolidation.

Consolidation means asking your forwarder to hold your parcels, and shipping them together as one shipment. This avoids paying multiple base charges, which are imposed on the first 0.5kg of your shipment, and are several times more expensive than the subsequent weight portions of your package.

Another advantage of consolidation is that it allows you more time to shop, so you can make sure you get the best deals. Forwarders also offer optional insurance on your shipments, which covers (up to a cap) your items against damage or loss during shipment. Should this happen, you can recover some or all of the money you spent on your shopping.

*Before you go clicking furiously away at your favourite US retailers, be aware that purchases exceeding USD$2,500 in value requires a Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) form. Check with your forwarder on how to submit it. Also, don’t forget about the 7% GST payable on your buys, which is applicable if the CIF (Cost of Shipping + Insurance + Freight) exceeds S$400 in value.

Read on to see the 4 best forwarding services to save money on US to SG shipping charges: