This Is Why Royal Fans Think Meghan Markle Has Already Given Birth

When her pregnancy was first announced, we were given very vague information pertaining to Meghan Markle’s due date. In the official statement from Kensington Palace, we were told the Duchess would be due sometime in the “British Spring” – which gave us a whopping three month window.

Photo: Splash News


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But take some seriously precise calculations, research into royal baby history and some very telling clues and you’ll find that royal fans have been able to narrow that window significantly. So when is Meghan due, you ask? Well, right now, it seems.

And not only have royal fans deduced that Meghan is due any day now, some are even speculating that she’s actually already given birth, and is keeping things under wraps.

Keep reading to find out why royal watchers suspect that Meghan has already given birth:

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