Cyber Bullying: 5 Ways To Spot The Signs Of Online Bullying

Bullying has always been a traumatic experience, one many of us experienced through school and even in the workforce as adults, but cyber bullying is a whole new world for most parents.

Rather than jibes confined to the schoolyard, the birth of the smartphone and social networks means your child could now be carrying around a bully in their pocket, never granted a reprieve or escape from vile harassment. But could you spot the common signs of cyber bullying?


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Suggestions to just ‘turn off the computer and walk away’ aren’t enough anymore. It’s become so endemic in our society, this generation of’s teens are the most depressed in history. And recent tragic cases of youth suicide are stark reminders of the devastating repercussions.

Child Psychologist and the Clinical Director of Hopscotch and Harmony Psychology practice, Jessica Cleary, spoke to The Weekly to share potential markers your child is being bullied online:

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