Did You Know There Are 10 Different Types Of Female Orgasms?

Think you can’t have an orgasm without a partner? Think again.

It’s only in the past few decades—with the publication of books like Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch—that female orgasms have been considered an important element of sexual relationships. Before that, a woman’s sexual pleasure was a mystery—even to themselves.

types of orgasms

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We didn’t talk about sex and orgasms as openly as men did, and we weren’t really encouraged to explore our own bodies and sexualities. Some 15 years ago, even buying sex toys in Singapore was practically impossible.

These days, however, we women expect to orgasm when we have sex, and we’re a bit more vocal about our needs, wants and desires as well. While it’s good that women’s orgasms are being spoken of, discussion about the female orgasm is a bit misleading. As women, we are capable of many different types of orgasm, and they all feel a bit different, too.


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Here are 10 types of orgasm you can treat yourself to—with or without the help of a sex toy. Of course, it’s a bit more fun to enjoy them with the help and co-operation of a willing, enthusiastic partner.