True Story: “I Had Menopause Symptoms At 36”


Claire was 27 when she married Jeremy Tan* 12 years ago. The couple waited almost two years before they started planning for a family.

“I told my gynaecologist I was ready to have a baby, and he advised me on how I could prepare for it, like starting on folic acid and recording my basal temperature so I would know when I was ovulating,” says the now 39-year-old marketing manager.

But after trying in vain for two years, Claire was desperate for answers.

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“I went through several tests, including a hysterosalpingogram, which involves injecting a dye into the fallopian tubes to check for blockage. All the tests turned out clear and I did not have any abnormalities,” she says.

That prompted her gynaecologist to suggest intra-uterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilisation (IVF) as the next course of action.

Following her two ovarian cystectomies, Claire was worried she wouldn’t be able to have another child, but her gynaecologist assured her it wasn’t a problem. This gave the couple the encouragement to work on baby number two.

Text: Sunita Shahdadpuri, Simply Her. Photo: Pixabay