10 Brilliant Ways To Make Budget Flights More Comfy

When it comes to flight travel, there are two major schools of thought. The first school belongs to those who believe the flight itself should be an experience in itself. They do not mind paying more for the better experience; the other belongs to those who are willing to save on the flight cost so that the money can be better spent on their travel plans. For the latter, budget airline is often the preferred choice of travel. However, budget flights come with its own share of issues.

From a “nothing-to-brag-about” service and red-eye flights to lack of additional perks and exorbitant charges for last minute changes, budget flights can sometimes spoil your travel mood. But that doesn’t stop the travellers like you and me from deviating away from the budget way of travel. Here’s a little secret for the budget travellers: There are actually ways to make your budget airline experience more enjoyable without paying an arm and a leg. Below are our tips.

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