Essential Tips For Planning A Fun Multi-Generational Family Trip

So you want to gather your loved ones for an overseas trip, but the thought of planning and executing it daunts you? We feel you – planning a holiday is a stressful event in itself. There’s not only the logistics of buying plane tickets and accommodation, but also deciding on itineraries and budgets. Add kids and grandparents to the mix, and it seems like a recipe for conflict and stress.

Essential Tips For Planning A Fun Multi-Generational Family Trip

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In fact, half of Singaporeans waste four days of leave every year because of poor planning, according to a regional 2017 survey conducted by Beringer Vineyards, who also found out that four out of five people find trip planning more fun when it’s social (and over a glass of wine). The good news is, there are ways to make planning for a multi-generational overseas trip more fun and less stressful, so everyone from six-year-old Chloe to seventy-year-old grandpa Sam will have the best time ever.

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Here are eight tips to plan a successful and enjoyable family vacation: