Thinking Of Getting A Divorce? Read These 5 Tips First To Keep Your Finances In Check

When a relationship ends, there can be an overwhelming sense of “what now?”, whether the breakup has been brewing for a while, or came suddenly out of the blue.

Naturally, a separation of any kind – be it an amicable “conscious uncoupling” or an acrimonious divorce – will impact your emotional wellbeing, but unfortunately your financial wellbeing can take a blow too.


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A recent study found that two thirds of Singaporeans considering a separation or divorce were hesitant to have that discussion due to the fear of having to start over financially.

However, the same study also found that working through your finances soon after a relationship breakdown can be seriously beneficial, with 84 per cent of Australians doing something “financially significant” within a year of their separation, most commonly sorting out their finances (33 per cent), paying off their debts (28 per cent) or taking a holiday (25 per cent).

To help kick-start your newfound financial independence, we chatted to a financial expert, Kate Holloway, about post-separation and divorce finances:

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