Guys don’t just want to get you into bed, they also love a good foreplay.
  1. Bare Your Bod
    He’s a visual creature, and loves your body no matter the shape or state it’s in. Keep a lamp on, so he can watch you undress while you put on a little strip-tease show. Look like you’re enjoying his attention – that’ll certainly turn him on.
  2. Kiss Him Passionately
    He likes to be kissed, and we’re not talking about the “hello” kind of peck you use to greet him. More like “I wanna have you now,” deep lip lock. Kiss him hard, and with your whole body. Lean against him, grab his bum, caress his face and tug his hair gently as you smooch.
  3. Touch Him All Over
    It’s not just his little “brother” you need to please. Give him a massage on his shoulders, then stroke his chest with your nails while nibbling on his ears. Then touch, grab and pinch him all over his body and don’t be surprised to hear him moan.
  4. Play Rough
    Manhandle him, put a little pressure when you massage, hold and grab him.
  5. Be In Charge
    A woman who knows what she wants in bed is a sexy woman. So tell him what you want to do, even demonstrate it by moving his hand, body or his penis to where you want it. Get on top and rock on!

Photo: Pixabay

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