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Once you’ve found Mr Right, it’s sometimes hard to remember why date nights are so important.

Relive Your First Date
Re-enacting your first date with as much detail as possible can bring back the same sweet feelings you had at the start of your relationship.

Get Physical
PDA (“public demonstration of affection”) is what turns a dinner into a date. No need to lock lips. Experts say all it takes is a little hand-holding or a hug to release oxytocin into your system.

Watch A Movie
Experts observe that couples who do dinners after movies are more likely to talk about things besides kids and bills. Plus, experts say when couples discuss what they liked and hated about the movies they saw together, they get in sync with each other.

Leave Tech Behind
Studies show our phones are sapping the spark our of one-on-one time. So turn off the phones and tablets until the date’s over.

Double Date
Ironically, couples do need a “lightbulb”. Invite friends along on your dinner date because researchers found that maintaining friendships with other couples strengthens your relationship with your partner and intensifies your attraction to each other.

Write It Down
Leaving little love notes for each other around the house can keep the romance alive. Experts say anticipating something fun like expecting a love message in the bathroom forms a big part of happiness.

Compliment Him
Giving your partner a nice compliment immediately strengthens the relationship, says marriage experts.

Photos: Pixabay