baby learning to walk
Introduce simple play activities when your baby is happy and well-rested.

Play Ball
Roll her favourite ball across the room and play “Fetch”. Encourage baby to lean forward into a crawling position by putting his favourite toys slightly away from his reach. Musical toys and rattles work great.

Water Play
During bath time, add floating bath toys into the water to keep baby’s hands busy while you scrub her down. Splashing and playing in the bath also helps her gain water confidence.

Act Silly
Pretend to chomp on her ears and toes, and pull her toes to her mouth as a fun exercise. At this point, you can also add in foot rattles on her feet to encourage this discovery.

Puppet Show
Tell stories and make them more interesting with puppets to develop your child’s imagination. Show her how you make the puppet sing, dance, tickle and kiss.

Treasure Hunt
Go on a “treasure hunt” with your crawling baby. Create an obstacle course in your living room with cushions, toys, and her favourite blocks and ask her to gather them up.

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