10 Best Poke Bowl Places In Singapore For Convenient, Healthy Lunches

The poké bowl trend shows no signs of stopping, as new stores keep sprouting up all around the island, each one more unique and customisable than the next. The Hawaiian poké bowl is a raw fish salad bowl that typically comprises cubed sashimi (usually salmon or yellowfin tuna) and tropical fruits such as pineapples or peaches, vegetables and rice.

It’s no surprise that this food trend has been well received, given the gradual but significant shift Singaporeans have taken towards healthy eating in recent years. But apart from the health factor, the reason for the poké bowl’s popularity is definitely because of how tasty it is. Plus, sashimi. What’s not to love?

Make your own with our best poke bowl recipes, or check out one of these top poke bowl spots around Singapore:



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Text: Joyce Chua & Elizabeth Liew