15 Great Coffee Places In Singapore For Your Caffeine Fix

Ah, coffee… some people can’t stand the taste of it, while others simply can’t get enough. But love it or hate it, you got to admit — there’s just something about the wafting aroma of coffee beans in the morning that is just simply magical. In fact, drinking coffee might actually put you on the road to success too.


Those of us who love the drink have been delighted by the vibrant coffee scene erupting all over Singapore the past few years in the form of indie roasters, homegrown cafes (read: hipster), local coffee brands and takeaway kiosks, on top of the already established brands that serve great brews.

Here are 15 coffee places in Singapore to check out the next time you need a caffeine fix:


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Text: Balvinder Sandhu, Elizabeth Liew & The Finder