What An Expert Wants You To Know About IVF

“Physically starting a family is a big (and exciting) decision,” says Dr Roland Chieng, Medical Director, Virtus Fertility Centre. He says that a bit of planning and some lifestyle adjustments can improve couples’ chances of conceiving naturally.

Understand your fertile window
Have sexual intercourse one or two days before ovulation, and have regular intercourse (two to three times a week) to further improve your chances.

Improve your diet
Both the female and male partners need to eat healthy food and maintain a healthy weight. Women should start taking 500ug of folic acid each day, as well as multivitamins for general health.

Live a healthier lifestyle
Regular exercise can also help, as well as stopping smoking and only drinking alcohol in moderation.
However, the odds may sometimes not be in the couple’s favour. That’s when a visit to a fertility clinic can help more. With the advancement of assisted reproductive technology (which includes fertility medication, in vitro fertilization and surrogacy), there are many options available for couples, says Dr Chieng.

Here, he tells us all there’s to know about the procedure.