Here’s A Look At Aaron Kwok’s Most Notable Ex-Girlfriends

Is Aaron Kwok going to be called “papa” in the near future?

If Hong Kong’s tabloids are to be believed, the 51-year-old star could become a first-time father as early as October this year.

According to Apple Daily, speculation is rife that Kwok’s wife-to-be Moka Fang is now over two months pregnant. 

The rumours started in February, when Fang posted photos of herself on her Weibo account with a caption that read: “Can you see anything different about me?” 

moca fang

Now that the couple’s official notice of intention to marry has been made public, many are wondering if pregnancy could be the reason behind their decision. In the Mar 4 document, Fang, who turns 30 in July, is listed as a fashion designer. Apple Daily pointed out that she is one year older than she had said she was on her Weibo account.

The Hong Kong daily also reported that Kwok, who had hinted at plans to get married last year, is planning to hold a low-key banquet in April.

Here’s a look back at some of Aaron’s past girlfriends: 


Text: Jessica Lin/AsiaOne
Main Photo: Lollipop SG