These High-Flying Career Mums Share Their Best Tips For A Happy & Productive Life

As we speak to working mothers at various stages in their careers, some things become apparent. The primary thing is that working mothers cannot do this without support.

Support, in this day and age, comes from a constantly shifting and improvised patchwork of help from spouses, parents, parents-in-law, helpers, nannies, childcare centres and after-school care centres.

Gone are the days of our parents’ generation where they could hold down jobs without outsourcing the bulk of childcare to others.

Today, work follows you home and across different timezones, leaching into your many digital devices and into your personal space. A common theme for the working mothers we spoke to has been one of trade-offs. Some have had to take a more scenic route through the corporate world, or delegate child-rearing to someone else.

Amidst the tug-of-war over a working mother’s time and energy, the biggest battle takes place within – mommy guilt is a constant feature on the emotional landscape.

A survey by online employment marketplace JobStreet in 2016 found that 69 per cent of working mothers in Singapore would quit, if they have the option. They are working out of necessity – to support their family, plan for retirement and to be financially independent.

There are success stories, of course, of women who have been able to find the right balance, and we have featured them here:

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