How Safe Is Your Credit Card Info? 10 Tips To Make You A Savvy Online Shopper

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If their actions weren’t so harmful, we would admire credit card hackers for their tenacity, cunning and creativity. It must take no small amount of talent (and more than a smidge of psychopathy) to constantly be thinking up ways to cheat and steal from honest everyday folks like you and me.

Truth be told, cyber criminals are rarely the nefarious super-villains they are hyped up to be. Sometimes, they are just foolish people making bad decisions, preying upon our carelessness more often than not.

But that doesn’t mean we should make things easy for them. If you’re shopping online this GSS season (and beyond), here are 10 things you should know to prevent yourself from being a victim of credit card hacking, and what to do should it unfortunately happen:


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Text: Chip Chen