cute baby sitting in a high chair
Engage your baby’s senses: touch, sight, smell and sounds.

0 – 2 months
Your peewee can’t move much in the first month so offer plenty of interesting objects for her to look at. From two months’ old, she’ll be able to “track” (follow) things with her eyes. You’re her No. 1 playmate so be playful even with everyday routines
tickle her when you undress her, blow raspberries on her tummy and sing to her.

2 – 4 months
By the time she’s three months’ old, she’ll get a kick out of trying to copy your facial expressions! Try this: stick your tongue out or make an “O” with your mouth. You’ll see that she’ll try to follow.

3 – 6 months
Games can help enhance her gross motor skills. Remember to give her lots of “tummy time” at this stage and offer a play gym or a rattle to pique her interest. Toys with contrasting colours helps boost visual development, while playing “Peek-A-Boo” introduces social interaction.

Photo: Pixabay