Husband Never In The Mood For Sex? Here’s How To Fire Him Up

Have you lost that loving feeling and function more like housemates these days? Don’t worry, there are many ways to spark up your love life.

One of the joys of children growing up and leaving home is more between-the-sheets time – no sleepless nights worrying our teens will make it home safely from that party, or in the early years, listening for little footsteps outside the bedroom door.


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So why, instead of lighting candles and getting in the mood, are we talking about putting the bins out? Why, when we have more time to devote to our relationship than we have for years, are we wondering why our libido has gone AWOL?

According to the experts, this is a time of opportunity – not just to reclaim our relationship but also take it to new levels of sexual satisfaction. Here’s how:

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