Irene Ang Shares Her Best Memories Of Growing Up In Singapore

“My most formative years were spent in and around Outram”

Singaporean Irene Ang Takes Us Down Memory Lane in Outram & Tiong Bahru

Irene Ang, 48, CEO of FLY Entertainment

Bold, brash and utterly beguiling. You’d be forgiven for thinking we’re describing comedy queen Irene Ang, but these adjectives belong to her favourite locale: Outram Park.

While the area is well-known for being a popular dining destination, Irene holds the neighbourhood dear to her heart for a whole other reason.

“I went to school here for some eight years of my life, so the neighbourhood of Outram Park and Tiong Bahru holds special meaning for me,” Irene reveals. “It all started when I had to decide where I wanted to further my studies after primary school. I was looking for one with a pool because I love swimming, so I chose Outram Secondary School.”

While she confesses that her decision was somewhat shallow, she has no regrets when it comes to her alma mater. “All my friends chose to go to convent schools but for me, it was all about the pool,” she jokes.

“I even went swimming on the weekends because I was on the water polo team, and a trained lifeguard, too. So the place where I spent the most formative years of my youth was Outram Park.”

Click through the gallery to see Irene revel in her surroundings at Outram Park, her favourite Singaporean neighbourhood:

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