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How prepared are you to face the harsh realities of life?

Set Up A Date Night
This is rule no. 1 from the start. Set up a date night for romance and conversation, and make it naughty. Experts say being sexually satisfied in a marriage is part of this awareness.

Communicate Honestly
Talk about your expectations regarding money, particularly if one partner earns less than the other. The more open you are to discussing financial issues, the fewer the misunderstandings.

Don’t Lose Yourself
This is especially after the kids arrive. Despite how busy it gets with the children, work on renewing the emotional and physical intimacy in your marriage.

Be Playful Regardless Your Age
As the marriage mature, it’s time to redefine the relationship. Find ways to be spontaneous and romantic, despite how familiar you are with each other.

Communicate, Communicate And Communicate
In every stage of your life, communication is key. Talk to your spouse about how you feel. Also remind yourself of what you’ve gained from this marriage.

Forgive and Re-adjust Expectations
Provide a safety net for each other emotionally, physically and financially, as life changes. But revisit past promises or understandings, and make adjustments.

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