How to Stop Your Kid From Shopping On Your iPhone

kid goes on pokemon shopping spree on sleeping mum's phone

Christmas came early for six-year-old Ashlynd, who ordered US$250 (S$363) worth of Pokemon toys on Amazon on her sleeping mum’s iPhone.

Mother Bethany Howell of Arkansas was asleep on the couch while her daughter played nearby.

“My phone was sitting on the coffee table next to the couch. Ashlynd picked it up and used my thumbprint to open the phone,” Bethany told the Daily Mail.

Bethany was shocked to find 13 order confirmations for Pokemon gifts in her email the next day, and thought someone had hacked into her Amazon account.

However, she suspected Ashlynd had ordered the toys, and asked if her daughter had been on her phone looking at Pokemon.

“Yeah mommy, I was shopping. But don’t worry – Everything that I ordered is coming straight to the house,” Ashlynd replied.

Bethany says her daughter was “really proud of herself.”

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“I didn’t know she knew what Amazon was,” she says. Her daughter had previously watched YouTube and Netflix videos on her mother’s phone.

As Bethany’s credit card details and address were saved in the auto-fill feature on the site, Ashlynd was able to make the purchases by opening the app and clicking on the items she wanted.

According to Bethany, Amazon only allowed her to return four of the items, leaving Ashlynd with nine Pokemon. Bethany told Ashlynd Santa knew how she had gotten the toys, so she would not be allowed to keep them all.

With kids getting more mobile-savvy these days, here are four ways to prevent them from going on a shopping spree with your phone.