Kim Lim Opens Up About Her Childhood, Love Life And Upcoming Wedding

She may be home-grown billionaire Peter Lim's daughter, but Kim Lim says she has had to work for what she wants

“When it comes to how we deal with things, I’m more impulsive, he’s more calm and rational. Maybe it’s because we’re different that we’re attracted to each other. I feel grounded when I’m with him.”

This is the first time she has shared her love story with the media.

In 2016, she was rumoured to be dating Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s son Mario Ho. Both shared photos of themselves exchanging rings and kissing in Paris on their social media accounts. It was widely reported by the press.

Asked about it now, she says: “We were together for half a year. But because we lived in different cities, it was hard to maintain a long-distance relationship. Over time, we drifted apart.”

There were also rumours of a romantic relationship with K-pop boyband BigBang’s Seungri.

She dismisses it with a laugh: “We’ve always been good friends.”

Interestingly, while her romances were widely talked about, few knew about her marriage registration. The ceremony was very simple, with only family members by her side.

She says: “Once you’ve found the right person, why wait?”