Kim Lim Opens Up About Her Childhood, Love Life And Upcoming Wedding

She may be home-grown billionaire Peter Lim's daughter, but Kim Lim says she has had to work for what she wants

Once, when she found out that a trusted friend had been stealing money from her wallet, she stopped hanging out with the friend and never asked about the money. She saw it as having paid “school fees” to learn the truth about a person.

Lim is an influencer with 238,000 followers on Instagram, so I ask her if she has that many friends in real life.

She says with a laugh that the case is entirely opposite. There are not more than five friends whom she can really talk to or who will help her in an emergency.

She adds: “You have a lot of fake ‘friends’ on social media. They will like your photos or sometimes leave comments, but as soon as a prettier or fresher face appears, they will have an immediate change of heart and move the focus onto someone else. This is reality.”

While she was pregnant, she disappeared for nearly nine months on social media. She says: “Pregnancy is a very private matter – I wanted to share this experience only with my family and my husband and not let people on social media comment about it.”

During her disappearance, she lost many followers – not that she minds. All she wanted to do at the time was take care of her baby and enjoy the pregnancy process with her husband.


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Lim also sets boundaries for herself. She never posts photos of her home or her kid’s face. She explains: “That is for safety concerns.”

Reportedly, in the 2014 case where the elderly mother of Sheng Siong supermarket boss Lim Hock Chee was kidnapped, the defendant revealed that his first choice had been Lim and her younger brother. This is why when it comes to sharing details of her life, she has always chosen to be more conservative.