Kim Lim Opens Up About Her Childhood, Love Life And Upcoming Wedding

She may be home-grown billionaire Peter Lim's daughter, but Kim Lim says she has had to work for what she wants

Up till now, she has never shared photos of her one-year-old son Kyden’s face on social media. Even when she held the 99-day celebration for her son at Ritz Carlton, she made a note on the invitation card for guests to refrain from sharing photos of him on social media.

She says: “I don’t want him to be moulded into an influencer baby when he is still so young, it would be too unfair to him. If he wishes to be an influencer when he grows up, then I will encourage him, because that would be his own decision.”

Many fashion, beauty and jewellery brands promote their products through her social media platforms, although she insists on working only with brands she likes.

She also hopes to use her social media influence for good and encourage more young people to lend a helping hand to the elderly, children and stray cats and dogs.

Since most of her income comes from being an influencer, I ask if she is worried about the day when social media is no longer trendy and what her plans would be if the influencer business is over.

It turns out that she has seen this coming for a long time.

She says: “I have given myself a deadline – I will quit this industry after I’m 30, so I can focus on working with my brother to help our father manage his businesses. After all, that is more practical. So during this time, I will work hard to fight for my own career and hopefully make a name for myself.”

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Text: Sylvester Ng, Icon Magazine / Additional reporting: Natalya Molok