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“Don’t step into the shopping malls if you know you will be tempted,” says Gayle.

Think Before You Buy
“There were times when I couldn’t resist an expensive purchase and ended up falling behind my savings plan. To make up for it, I went on a ‘shopping diet’ for a few months. This means no new clothes, shoes, makeup, and other stuffs that I can do without. These experiences really help to remind me to think through every purchase carefully and treasure what I already have.”

Set A Yearly Savings Target
“I find it easier to decide on a ballpark figure at the start of every year, and divide that amount over 12 months. So for example, say my goal for that year is to save $6,000: That makes $500 a month.”

Save Every Penny
“I don’t know much about stocks and bonds so I don’t dare put my money there. Instead I save up 15 or 20 per cent of my salary. I’m normally quite frugal – I buy a roasted spring chicken from Cold Storage, hash it up and make sandwiches and salads to last me several lunches.”

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