Lessons To Learn From Jacelyn Tay’s Divorce

Divorce is a gut-wrenching, highly stressful, life-altering situation to have to go through – to say the least.

No matter who you are, how beautiful, how rich, or how famous you might be, nobody is immune to the overwhelming emotions and pain that a divorce can cause. Being a celebrity with every aspect of your life under scrutiny probably makes things even worse.


Photo: @jacelyn_tay/Instagram

Perhaps no one knows this better than local celebrity Jacelyn Tay who on November 18 announced on social media that she is calling it quits with her husband of eight years, Brian Wong. They have a seven-year-old son, Zavier.

The 43-year-old actress and founder of wellness centre Body Inc wrote that she was “at the final stage of divorce proceedings” and acknowledged that “many may be shocked” by the news.

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Indeed, the announcement may come as a surprise to many as the couple appeared to be the picture of domestic bliss. In fact, shortly before she announced her split, Jacelyn posted a clip to Instagram to celebrate her son’s academic achievements.

Jacelyn did not reveal the reason for the divorce. She said in an Instagram post, “I do not think I owe anyone the reason for divorce except to my son. Even if you guys know, you can’t help or change anything for us.”

In the same post, she shared a photo of herself sending her son off at the airport for his vacation in Europe with his father. The actress ended her post by assuring her followers that her and her son are doing fine and asked for the support of her fans.

We hate to see the breakup of a marriage – especially one that lasted for eight years. But in it all, here are three lessons we can take away from Jacelyn’s divorce: