How Did Lin Chi-Ling & Akira Meet? 7 Fast Facts About The Newly-Married Couple

In a surprise announcement yesterday (June 6), Taiwanese supermodel and actress Lin Chi-Ling revealed that she is a happily married woman.

The 44-year-old, who had been dating F4 member Jerry Yan on and off for the last 17 years, announced via Weibo and Instagram that she’s now married to 37-year-old Japanese boyband member Akira. The announcement stunned netizens as the pair were never even reported to be dating, let alone engaged and married.

In an interview in early February 2019, the actress, who was considered Taiwan’s top model in 2004, still denied being in a relationship, claiming that she was still single.

Many fans also expected her to reconcile with Jerry after spotting the two on vacation together in 2017.

In the social media post announcing her newlywed status, Chi-ling wrote a lengthy note which ended with: “I’m married! I hope that everyone of you who believes in love will find a happiness that belongs to you.”

Akira shared her post and added “I will make you happy for the rest of your life.” He also made a lengthy Instagram post to his fans, thanking them for their support.

Here are seven fast facts about the newlyweds, from how they met to whether they’ll be throwing a wedding banquet:

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