There will be four long weekends in 2021, according to the latest update from the Ministry of Manpower on gazetted public holidays. While international travel still remains up in the air for now with the Covid-19 pandemic, here’s what you should know so that you can start planning for your annual leave.

Public Holidays that fall on a long weekend next year

New Year’s Day: Jan 1 (Fri)
Chinese New Year: Feb 12 (Fri)
Good Friday: Apr 2 (Fri)
National Day: Aug 9 (Mon)

How to maximise next year’s Public Holidays

Here’s how you can stretch your holiday for longer with some careful planning. By taking strategic days off, you can turn 5 more Public Holidays into long weekend affairs.

Long weekends in 2021 public holidays
Credit: The Straits Times

Text: Sophie Hong