In case you haven’t already heard, Mariah Carey has jumped on the reality television bandwagon. Sources have confirmed that the diva is starring on E!’s tentatively titled Mariah’s Squad, which is yet to get a release date. But be careful of using the R-word with her. Mariah insists her show is more a documentary on an insight into her life, while she’s on tour firing up the stage and simultaneously organising her wedding to billionaire businessman James Packer….yup…all in a day’s work.

And since we simply cannot wait to see more of Mimi and her blossoming love life with James, here are five reasons that makes love everlasting, in the key of Mariah:

  1. Emotions

Be expressive. You’re not an android. It’s human to be baring your emotions and showing you’re letting down your guard and allowing your partner to be a part of your world.

  1. Make It Happen

Step out of your comfort zone and do things that your partner enjoys. While you might share similar life goals, your hobbies and interests set you apart. The occasional involvement in your lovers’ life wouldn’t be the end of the world.

  1. Love Takes Time

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Have patience. You may have professed the L-word to each other, but you might still not be an open book to one another. Give your relationship space and allow it to grow organically, without prying and nagging each other.

  1. Against All Odds

Support your partner, no matter what. It’s okay to be upfront and give honest suggestions. But don’t be brutal with your criticism and shut them down. Embrace their wishes, dreams and passions and be their best cheerleader and guiding light.

  1. I Still Believe

Trust your partner. It’s something that is built over time, and the slightest doubt could be the onset of a crumbling relationship. That doesn’t mean that couples never lie. But trust is a gamble that is worth the ride.


Touch My Body

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This one doesn’t require much of an explanation. Intimacy is as important as communication. Let the sparks fly!