Maternity Panties

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You know that getting pregnant is going to change your life – everything from your lifestyle, your sleep schedule (throw that out the window) and your body will all change. But in the weeks and months after getting pregnant, and then after having a baby, you might find yourself needing something you never thought necessary despite all those changes – maternity panties.

Maternity panties generally refer to underwear you might need during your pregnancy or postpartum. While it’s really up to each individual’s level of comfort or needs, maternity panties are known to provide extra support or aid in postpartum recovery. For some women, maternity panties aren’t necessary at all. Others might find they need the support or prefer to cover their bumps when pregnant, or that post C-section, specially-designed maternity panties can help protect their wounds or help them heal from the abdominal surgery.

Here we list a few types of maternity panties you might find useful in your journey to becoming a mum. We’ve also included some options that are not necessarily maternity panties but which can be worn as such and be equally helpful.

1. Lovemere Mere Bottoms, $15

lovemere maternity panties
Credit: Lovemere

Local maternity brand Lovemere has created a super-soft breathable pair of panties designed to be gentle on your growing belly. The front is a crisscross style that sits below your baby bump while the back provides good coverage and fits snugly around your hips. If you have a C-section, the front design makes it easy to wear postpartum as it won’t rub against your incision. Made of the softest cotton, these come in bold feminine colours and can be bought as a single pair or in a pack of three.

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2. Three-Piece Pregnant Women Cotton Panties from Lazada, $10.90

3 piece maternity panty lazada
Credit: Lazada

Available on Lazada, these cotton maternity panties may seem unexpectedly big at first, but this design ensures they continue to accommodate and even support your growing belly throughout your pregnancy. As your belly grows, the size of the waist can be adjusted through a convenient drawstring so that it never pulls or feels uncomfortable. Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, they are breathable and comfortable, and help support your baby belly as it grows. 

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3. Bamboo Maternity Panties by Autumnz, $4

Autumnz maternity panties
Credit: Autumnz

Made from a high-quality bamboo fibre, these maternity panties are seamless, stretchy and ultra-breathable, making them cooling to wear all day when those hormones have you hot and sweaty. The low-rise waistline does not compromise on the full back coverage. Instead, it ensures everything is fitted and comfortable. These panties are also wearable post-C-section.

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4. Marsha Cotton High Waist Maternity Panties by Spring, $15 

Marsha Maternity Panties by Spring
Credit: Spring

Designed for comfort and breathability, lots of pregnant mummies turn to Spring for their maternity panties. These are great for more belly support, and feature an anti-slip waistband to prevent the panties from rolling down. They are made of soft cotton melange, and come with full back coverage. You could wear them at home with not much else!

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5. Maternity Shorts (Low Rise) from Uniqlo, $12.90

Uniqlo shorts maternity panties
Credit: Uniqlo

This design by Uniqlo eschews the V-shaped front but still maintains a good degree of stretch thanks to the cotton spandex jersey material. The crotch section is lined in white, and made with 100% cotton for absorbency, breathability and comfort. The waist and leg openings are elastic-free to avoid any biting, tight feeling.

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6. Light Blue Lace Mid Bump Maternity Briefs from Seraphine, $20.30

Seraphine maternity panties
Credit: Seraphine

If you’re looking for something that’s as pretty as it can be practical, this pair of maternity panties from Seraphine might do the trick. The feminine scalloped lace trim does not itch and the mid-rise style goes over the lower bump in a secure but comfortable fit. Made of a soft cotton gusset, it is gentle on the skin. It also comes with a matching bra (sold separately) to complete the look. There’s no reason you need to feel like you can’t dress up (and dress up your bump) when you’re pregnant.

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7. C-Panty by UpSpring, $66.32

c panty c secion maternity panties
Credit: Upspring

These highly-recommended maternity panties are designed specifically for postpartum C-section mums and as a result, are all about compression and taking care of that wound on the lower tummy. The high waist compression improves comfort and mobility while the silicon panel across the incision wound area offers support while healing. To facilitate healing, you’re advised to use it for a minimum of three months and up to one year after your surgery. 

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8. C-Section Recovery Panty with Adjustable Belly Wrap by Leonisa, $67

Leonisa maternity panties
Credit: Leonisa

While slimming may not necessarily be at the top of your mind postpartum, it can feel good to have something “hold you all in” post-abdominal surgery. A C-section cuts through seven layers of tissue (yes, seven) and compression clothing can aid in healing and mobility. Made sustainably in Colombia, these maternity panties have got reviewers raving about their comfort and ability to help them recover from their C-section; mums who have had natural births can also use them. The front panel can be adjusted and is double-layered for firm compression. The thickness and mid-rise style helps to protect your incision wound, and also may aid in recovery from a prolapsed bladder.

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9. Daily Free Sanitary Panties by Medion, $49

Medion maternity panties
Credit: Medion

During postpartum, there will be bleeding (lochia) no matter the method of delivery. As you get used to your new role as a mum, wearing period panties instead of disposable pads might be the solution to save time and trouble. These panties by the Singaporean company feature five layers of material to ensure a leak-free and worry-free day. The patented material also releases far-infrared rays which aid in warming the body – this may help relieve discomfort in the abdominal region. These maternity panties are reusable, making them a more eco-friendly option than disposable pads.

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10. Overnight Panties Sleepwell 360 Anti Leakage Protection by Kotex, 2 for $4.65

Kotex overnight panties maternity panties
Credit: Kotex

While these are designed for wear during a regular period at night, they can be a useful, functional option for when you are postpartum, especially if you prefer a disposable underwear. Designed for 360-degree anti-leak, these panty-like pads are super absorbent and breathable.

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