New Places For Hearty Burgers In Singapore

Craving a juicy burger that’s not from McDonald’s or Burger King? From chocolate burgers to hearty delights made out of mac & cheese, here are 7 different tasty sandwiches you should chow down on.

Every food investor worth his salt knows this: That a great burger is a top seller. I mean, that’s why No Signboard is planning to open a hawker-themed burger chain by the end of the year (with plans for at least three more outlets to come in 2019).

From the bun to the patty and the extras like lettuce, tomato, onion and sauce (the sauce!!), the burger is a delicious sensory overload that rakes in the dollars. For the consumer, what we care about is whether it’s tasty — full stop. If it’s Instagrammable and #foodporn-worthy, then even better.

The burger boom that’s happening right now means that there is a whole gamut of cool burgers that are totally unique. From those made of chocolate to vegan options, here are 7 of the best burgers that’ll get your salivary glands (and Instagram accounts) going.

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