GetVan Ride offers three categories of vehicles to match every family occasion and size. PHOTO: GETVAN

For most of us in Singapore, a car used to be one of the highly coveted five Cs to have in life.  

But in recent years, with rising car and petrol prices, and the building of more MRT stations nearer to homes, we may now prefer to park our money in other essentials instead, like education programmes for the kids, home renovations, family insurance policy riders and so on. Also, with more people working from home this year (and possibly next year), a car may no longer be a necessity. 

Yet, there are occasions when we need one, like when we are planning a family trip to a local attraction like the zoo on Sunday or visiting the grandparents. 

In comes private hire vehicle services like GetVan Ride. This works like a chauffeur service that you can dial up on any day, at any time and for any purpose. With a professional driver at the wheel, you don’t have to focus on the road or bother with looking for a parking lot and can focus on chatting with your family throughout the journey. 

Plus, not owning a vehicle means not having to pay for hidden costs like vehicle insurance premiums, petrol and parking charges, maintenance fees and so on. This frees up your budget so you can spend your hard-earned money on other priorities in life. 

Your ride, your way

GetVan Ride has partners with up to 99 vehicles of almost any size and any model that you can dial up any day, any time.

GetVan Ride works with numerous partners who own up to 99 vehicles of almost any size and any model. You enjoy full flexibility because you can book one of these in advance or only when you want a ride, and get it almost instantly. 

There are three categories of vehicles available with GetVan Ride. 

If you have up to six passengers, Limousine 6 features spacious models like the Toyota Noah and Toyota Vellfire. There’s also the Premium 10 and Premium 13 services that offer bigger van models for up to 10 and 13 passengers respectively. 

Prices start at $30 for the base charge.

Besides GetVan Ride, GetVan also has a GetVan Goods service, which helps you deliver items from point A to point B. This comes in handy when you want to send care packages or gifts to loved ones but are too busy to do it in person.  

To start using GetVan services, all you have to do is sign up for a new account on GetVan’s platform. Key in your details, then select the service you want as well as your preferred vehicle. A GetVan driver-partner will get in touch with you almost instantly.

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