We Will Miss Pablo Cheese Tart And These Other Famous Food Brands Which Left Singapore

After a mere 19 months, Pablo Cheese Tart shuttered its doors quietly, closing both its outlets at Wisma Atria and Nex with not so much as a whimper. This follows news that it was withdrawing from Malaysia in July last year. Pablo, a Japanese chain known for its rich and creamy cheese confectionaries, had opened to a fair amount of fanfare and pomp, and anyone on the streets could recall the long lines snaking outside its outlet when it first opened in August 2017.

It goes to show, that while Singapore might be an attractive place for aspiring food and beverage brands to set up shop here, in a cutthroat industry where thereโ€™s tough competition, rising rentals, manpower woes or a general lack of market interest, itโ€™s hard for even the best of brands to stay afloat. Market failures are a dime a dozen these days, and even the big boys can succumb sometimes, disappearing without a trace or any official statements.

Here are the food brands that came and left our sunny shores too quickly. Weโ€™ll be sure to keep them in our hearts.