Notable fashion designer, wife to a superstar football player and mother of four, Victoria Beckham certainly has her hands full. Still, the former popstar never once let that stop her from being very much involved in her children’s lives.

From writing an open letter to her kids that highlighted the ups and downs of motherhood to constantly posting their accomplishments on her Instagram account, Victoria has always been transparent about her parenting style. Here are four parenting lessons we can all learn from her:

Manners are important

 Both Victoria and David Beckham have stressed the importance of good manners to their kids.

Good manners will never go out of style and the best part is that, when taught to kids from a young age, they will be ingrained in them for a long time to come. “We’ve always been strict with the children. They have great manners – they always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and I think that’s important,” Victoria once told ABC News in an interview.

Still, it doesn’t mean that children are not allowed to have fun. “At the same time, they’re still fun and they run around the house and they’re crazy and they’re singing and they’re dancing and they’re kicking footballs around, which I don’t allow them to do but that seems to be one area that I can’t discipline them in.”

Never be afraid to ask for help

Victoria Beckham is in good company especially with pals like Naomi Campbell (above) and                                                                           Diane Von Furstenberg.

Despite how she seems to handle a successful career and her four kids perfectly well, Victoria admitted in her letter that being a mother can sometimes leave one confused. So who does she go to when she needs some parenting advice? Fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg of course!

Speaking to The New York Times, Beckham revealed that she sought for some help when feelings of mummy guilt started to kick in. “I was having dinner with Diane Von Furstenberg a few months ago, and she’s a woman that I have an enormous amount of respect and admiration for. And I said to her, ‘Diane, when your children were younger and you were working, did you feel guilty?’ And she said ‘Absolutely not. It’s a waste of time and energy.’ ”

Encourage kids to follow their dreams

                             Fret not David! It seems Harper is interested in soccer. 

Speaking to ABC Nightline, David Beckham revealed that one of his sons was not as interested as he is about playing football but the athlete didn’t quite mind it. “It broke my heart a little bit. He said, ‘every time I step on to the field, I know people are saying, ‘this is David Beckham’s son,’ and if I am not as good as you, then it is not good enough.’” Despite how it had initially hurt him, he went on to say that his son should only be playing football if it makes him happy.

Celebrate their little wins

                               Victoria proudly shows off her daughter’s sticker!

Whether it’s Brooklyn’s Burberry shoot or Harper’s excellent reading award in school, Victoria’s not one to let an accomplishment go unnoticed.

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