Last Minute Study Tips For Parents (Of PSLE)
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This is the time of year when parents typically hover over their children’s screens, draw up timetables and emphasise the value of good grades. It feels like the right and responsible thing to do. And the late nights, eye bags, the high stress levels and Chicken Essence craziness are just us parents trying to keep up with our children!

Here are some useful last minute study tips for you to help your child ace the exams.

Rest well

Not only does your child need ample rest and sleep, you do too. Your child cannot afford to have you falling sick or you passing the much-dreaded flu bug to him or her. You need to be healthy.

Bedtime stories

Remember those days when you used to read bedtime stories to your kids? Well, you can do that again, but instead try to read them some study material – only important notes. Might sound dreary but it might work… them falling asleep to the sound of your voice reciting their notes.


Relax with the whole family. Refresh your mind with a walk or just unwind in front of the television. On the day before the exam, take the child out for a meal and avoid discussing about the upcoming papers. This will ensure that both of you do not get last minute jitters.

Pack the schoolbag

Make sure the child has all the necessary stationery items and other things which are required for the exams. This will help them to stay calm and avoid getting flustered when things are missing.

Nutritious meals

Eat nutritious meals and have regular snacks to raise your energy levels so that you can help take care of your child’s needs.

The results

Too much emphasis on exam results can trigger anxiety and panic in young people. In the short term, a little fear may motivate. Prolonged fear, however, simply wears people down.

Do not polarise the future

It isn’t a case of good results or selling fish at the market… do not cause your child undue stress.

Never compare

Brothers, sisters and friends perform differently. Don’t make a big deal of it either way: even favourable comparisons can cause stress.


Just before the exams, review the important details with your child and refrain from stressing him or her.

When it’s time for the exams, kiss your child and wish him or her good luck. You can be rest assured that you have done your part.

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