Babies and tiny tots need all the help they can get. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new about themselves and their slowly expanding world, and there’s nothing quite like watching baby take his/her first step or hold their first toy. Combine learning and playing with these carefully selected educational toys that will entertain both parent and junior:

14 educational toys for babies and toddlers aged 0-3

(From bottom left, clockwise)

1. Pirate Ship Play Bag, $46, from HipVan.

Featuring a colourful cast of pirates, this soft toy will provide endless hours of swash-buckling fun for little ones.

2. London Bus, $63, from ELC.

Toddlers can pretend to be bus drivers and help passengers board and alight around town in this mini double decker.

3. Push Along Dragon, $36.90, from The Better Toy Store.

This dragon toy flaps its wings when it moves!

4. Bruin Jumbo Foam Blocks, $39.95, from Toys”R”Us.

Little ones can build their own houses, towns and more with 60 pieces of these colourful blcosk in various shapes and sizes.

5. Counting frame, $39.90, from The Better Toy Store.

Teach kids basic counting skills with this standing abacus-like frame.

6. Green Toys Chef Set, $26.90, from Motherswork.

Let your child pretend to be a junior masterchef and imitate how adults act.

7. Giant Activity Cube, 139, from ELC.

It has a drum, spin wheel, numbers and colours board and many, many more contraptions to entertain Junior.

8. Solid Colour Ball, $4.95, from Toys”R”Us.

Play “catch” with toddlers to encourage their motor development.

9. Baby Einstein Ocean Exploration Play Pad, $49.90, from HipVan.

This soft pad helps young ones discover classical music and pick up English, Spanish and French.

10. Lil’ Ocean Explorers Catch Me Crabbie, $39.95, from Toys”R”Us.

Encourage baby’s first step with this moving toy that also spurs crawling and reaching movements.

11. Duck Skittles, $29.90, from The Better Toy Store.

Teach little ones the basics of bowling, as the aim of this toy is to knock over the wobbly duckies by rolling a wooden “egg”.

14 educational toys for babies and toddlers aged 0-3 (2)

(From left, clockwise)

12. Janod Shape Sorters, $45.90, from Motherswork.

This toy helps tots develop hand-eye coordination and learn to differentiate shapes.

13. Au Naturel Khaki Teepee, $125, from HipVan.

This adorable tent provides a private and cosy space for your child to play or relax in.

14. Playskool Step, Start Walk n’ Ride (child not included), $39.90, from major department stores.

It can be converted from a walker to a strider, depending on junior’s needs.

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Text: Sylvia Ong, Singapore Women’s Weekly June 2016 / Additional Reporting: Elizabeth Liew
Photos: Chia Yoon Nyen