Messy diapers, unexpected blurps (that awesome moment when puke meets burp), sleepless nights….Parenting can be quite the challenge. In the wake of such trying times, some parents have taken awesome to a whole different level. From making gourmet meals out of simple kids’ snacks to romping around the playground, they’ve made parenting fun. Here are 5 quirky Instagram profiles that’ll put a smile to your face and even give you tips on how you could bond better with your children.

  1. @dad_beets

This dad makes me want him to be my dad (sorry dad, I love you too). Apart from rustling up some seriously legit, mouth-watering grub, he posts of the times he spends with his equally delicious (and cute) boys nibbling on his treats. From waffled creations to healthier avocado inspired sandwiches, this dad is bound to make your stomach rumble. Bet you can’t scroll through without salivating.

  1. @houseinhabit

From camping on the beach to skateboarding in the park, this Californian mother-of-four shares some precious candid moments in the life of her motherhood. There are some gorgeously whimsical shots captured by her that can’t help but put a smile on your face. This bohemian meets retro account has us in awe and awwww.

  1. @howtobeadad

Run by two dads this account is hilariously satirical. Filled with advice, funny stories, word-play and educational diagrams, and of course some adorable snaps of their kids just living their life one dad joke at a time. They even have a website that includes comical blogs on the ‘how-tos’ and ‘what-nots’ of parenting. The jokes come with a parental guidance tag…quite literally.

  1. @ohjoy

This Instagram account comes with a Disney Princess warning. This super-mom to two gorgeous girls has created a profile that covers everything from home décor to DIY tips. In the middle, she takes time-out to share some mother-daughter moments with her offspring. The account is bursting with colours, fun and happiness, the perfect recipe to any princess in the making.

  1. @jamespatrickcasey

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Sea squirt.

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If you’re in a mood to live through an adventure, this account is the place to be. This dad captures breath-taking moments that he shares with his family and the world. He’s taking his kid on journey of a lifetime, experiencing the world in its wonderful gory. Building sandcastles, making snow angels and picking apples are just few of the activities he enjoys with his family. Looking through his lens gives us hope and a glimpse into how his children are witnessing this beautiful planet we live on.

Honorary mention

@chrissyteigen & @johnlegend

These gorgeous soon-to-be first time parents are what parenting goals are made of. They’re cool, they’re fun and the love they have for each other is testament to the future upbringing of their baby girl. If you’re not following them yet, it’s time you did. Between Chrissy’s cravings and John’s music, this celebrity couple is on the parents-to-watch list.

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