Sheila Sim is now a mum to two daughters.

Yesterday evening (Feb 7, 2023), the model, actress and entrepreneur took to Instagram to share the arrival of her newborn and second child, Skyla Woo.

Posting pictures of herself, her husband Deon Woo and their newborn, the 38-year-old wrote, “7 Feb 2023, we welcome Skyla Woo. 37 weeks, 2.7kg, 49cm. We are complete. Papa, mama and cheche love you already, Skyla.”

They revealed the pregnancy in August last year.

The actress has always been open about her motherhood journey, and just days before the birth, she also got candid about her second pregnancy on Instagram. Admitting that while she loved being a mother and was looking forward to the arrival of her second child, she would also miss the time she had with Layla.

“I can’t help but feel like I’m no longer going to have that time that I did with her (Layla). I love our conversations every day,” she wrote. “I love that we get each other’s undivided attention throughout the day. I love our adventures together. I truly enjoy spending time with her, she makes me laugh! I feel like I’ve finally arrived at this sweet spot where I can balance my social life, marriage, work and sleep. Layla can even feed herself so well now, and I don’t need to worry abt cooking her meals when we eat out.”

She continued, “As much as I look forward to Baby S’s arrival, the thought of having to go through the early stages all over again, I must admit, brings me a bit of anxiety. But I also know, when she finally arrives, all these thoughts will be so far behind me, and all I will experience is my heart swelling even more with love for 2.”

The actress has also said that the pregnancy was planned and that she is likely to stop at two.