Giving birth in Singapore can be costly; here’s how to pick your doctor, hospital and more so you know how to budget for your delivery costs. 

Choosing your doctor
What kind of birth do you want? Different doctors have different views on how things should be done, so choose one whose style aligns with your own preferences.

This is especially the case if you want something unusual, such as a home birth or a water birth.

If you have your heart set on delivering in a particular hospital, you should also make sure that your doctor works with it. Some doctors deliver at only one hospital, others work with four or five.

Check to see if the fees are within your budget, and what the delivery track record is like.

Also, make sure that your doctor’s schedule lines up with your own. For example, will he be on leave or at an overseas conference around the time you deliver? If he will not be around, try to meet the doctor who will take over in his absence to ensure that you are comfortable with him as well.

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Doing a price check
You will need to pay for many things throughout your pregnancy, including medical checkups, nutritional supplements, scans and blood tests.

Many doctors offer a package price for the check-ups needed from the fourth month. These packages typically start from $1,000. You should check what is included in these packages so that you do not end up paying more than expected.

Remember that you can use the Medisave Maternity Package to offset the amount that you have to pay out of your pocket.

You can withdraw up to $450 for each day in hospital, and an additional $900 for pre-delivery medical expenses, such as ultrasounds and consultations.

There is also a surgical withdrawal limit of between $750 and $2,150, depending on the type of delivery procedure.

The Health Ministry has also made public bill sizes for different hospitals, so that parents-to-be can estimate how much their child’s delivery will cost.

For example, a normal delivery in a Class A ward at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital costs $4,413 at the 25th percentile, and $5,915 at the 75th percentile.

In contrast, a single bed at a private hospital costs between $6,000 and $8,800 at the lower end, and up to more than $10,000 at the higher end.

Delivery via caesarean section generally costs more, and will require you to stay in hospital for a longer duration as well.

If your newborn baby is a citizen, he or she will get a $4,000 Medisave grant, which can be used to pay for MediShield Life premiums, vaccinations and more.

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