How To Explain Covid-19 To Kids, According To Joanne Peh_Featured

How do you explain the Covid-19 outbreak to your children? To help preschoolers understand what is going on without causing too much fear, Joanne Peh decided to compile the information into an English handbook that parents can print and download – for free.

The actress and mom-boss of filmic arts enrichment school The Dimple Loft said she found Mandarin resources for parents to help explain what the coronavirus was.

“I made use of these resources to explain to my children why they were also off school when they came back,” shared Joanne, who was recently in Guangzhou to celebrate Chinese New Year with actor-husband Qi Yuwu and their two kids.

But when it came to searching for English resources on the Internet, she “wasn’t too successful”.

“Either too much information, too simplified or wasn’t updated,” she wrote in this week’s e-newsletter to her school’s subscribers.

And so she tapped into her creativity to produce an English handbook that parents can print and download for free here (square version) and here (A4 landscape version).

Eton House has another good book to explain what the coronavirus is all about: A New Virus Has Arrived, produced by the Etonhouse Community Fund. This is the charity arm for E-Bridge preschools and Etonhouse centres.

This free bilingual book  aims to explain the contagious disease to children in a fun and meaningful way. While its pupils get a physical copy from the school, you can download the e-book here.

Text: Young Parents