Don’t Call Them “Kiasu”: The Singapore Mums Schooling Their Kids Through Home-Learning

Don't Call Them "Kiasu": The Instagram Mums Schooling Their Kids Through Home-Learning Activities

Housewife Sylvia Lye (far left) and teacher Tiffany Lim (left) prepare varied home-learning activities for their children – (second from far left) Alison Lye, three, Chloe Lim, four, and Joash Lim, two. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

For some parents, sending their young children to pre-school is not enough. For them, learning continues at home almost daily – after their children return from school and before they go to bed. Parents here who are proponents of home-learning say the practice has been growing in recent years, as more people document their activities on social media platforms.

While home-learning parents have their detractors, who view what they do as being “kiasu”, they say their objective is not to make their children smarter, but to expose them to a sensory-rich learning environment where they learn through play and learning is fun.

To facilitate such an environment, these parents consider their children’s interests, which could range from nature to construction, and spend time and effort coming up with interesting, hands-on activities based on a chosen theme.

At times, they choose topics and create activities that help to build confidence in their children. This could be in areas that the young ones are observed to be weak in, or matters that their children are fearful of, such as dentistry (ahead of the child’s first trip to the dentist).

Home-learning parents also say they enjoy the process of planning the activities, as well as doing the activities with their children. Here are some families who actively engage in home learning.

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Text: Bryna Singh, The Straits Times/ Photos: The Straits Times, @ourlittleplaynest,, @2mamas4kids